New Coast Ventures, Associate Product Manager

Chicago • May 2019 – Present


New Coast Ventures is an innovation studio and boutique venture capital fund focusing on early-stage investments.

Our digital agency - New Coast Interactive - works with companies both large and small focusing on enterprise innovation, web development, and mobile app development.


Logiwa, Senior Marketing Coordinator

Chicago • October 2018 – April 2019


Logiwa is an industry-leading cloud-based order fulfillment, warehouse and inventory management software that has served retail, e-commerce, wholesale, and 3PL businesses worldwide for over a decade.

Responsibilities & Milestones:

  • Oversee and build company website; responsible for managing all social media channels

  • Increased web conversation rate from 0.97% to 4.77% in 3 months, generating 300 marketing leads in Q4 2018


Tandem Commerce, Director of Operations

Chicago • December 2014 – Present


Tandem is a viral marketing agency specializing in viral videos, website development, Facebook advertising and Messenger chatbots. 

I managed a 6-person team and successfully delivered 20+ projects, which included website projects (design and development) and digital marketing projects. Our marketing efforts have generated on average 5x return on ad spend and a total of 100M video views and 500k increase in social media following across all channels 

I also built out our sales funnel, overseeing our outbound sales campaigns, which included cold calling, email and LinkedIn.


300K Facebook Likes & 50K YouTube Subs in 1 Week

We helped musician Ollie B release his viral video Nerdy Uber Driver, which amassed 40 million views in one week and was featured in Huffington Post, UniLad, Daily Star, 9GAG and other publications.


Within a week, his Facebook page grew from 199 likes to 218,798 (that’s 109,848.7%). While his YouTube subscriber count grew from a couple thousand to over 15,000.


To date, Ollie B has 785,140 followers on Facebook and 376,357 subscribers on YouTub and is continuing to grow.


Helped Cubii Raise $300K on Kickstarter

Cubii is the first smart under-desk elliptical and is designed so you can work and exercise at the same time at your desk.


We worked with them on their successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014 and built out their company website so that Kickstarter visitors could find more information on the product.


By the end of the campaign, they raised a total of $293,712, more than tripling the original $80,000 goal. It was Chicago’s third largest Kickstarter campaign in 2014.

Cubii is now a venture-backed company with over 5 full-time employees. 




Victor an extremely organized, detail-oriented developer who finishes projects on time. He very effectively communicated his goals, capabilities, and timeline, as well as managed our expectations.

Overall, the website he designed for us was everything we wanted, delivered in a timely manner. I directly worked with him on the project, collaborating on design, content, and functionality, even if it was just sharing ideas and working with him to implement them.

— Alida Miranda-Wolff, Director of Platform at Hyde Park Angels


Victor at Tandem was an incredible outsourced partner we used for keeping all the products and services we were marketing presented beautifully and fully responsive on the web. 

He collaborated with our team in delivering several responsive websites that exceeded our expectations as well as getting our websites built and launched efficiently on budget. The standard of quality and care that Victor took with our team is second to none. 

— Logan Jacobs, Chief Technology Officer at Roswell Global


Victor was an integral member of our QA team and made an immediate immediate. He was focused and highly productive, taking on up to two people's workload. 

At Solstice, we followed the Agile Methodology so we routinely pushed updates to production. Victor made sure that all of our releases were QA tested across all browsers and devices. 

— Nauman Khan Azeemi, QA Manager at Solstice


BAMF Media, Project Manager (Contractor)

Los Angeles • January – June 2018


My role at BAMF was to identify areas of improvement and to create processes to improve our operations across the board. I served as the Head of Project Management while working within our Growth Hacking team and building our BAMF Chicago community. 

Responsibilities & Milestones:

  • Created project management process that reduced customer churn rate by 50% in 6 months

  • Served as client lead, handled all client communications, and led project meetings

  • Created the project management role; grew 3-person PM team while managing 5 client projects

  • Responsible for building the B2B and PR cold outreach process for 10+ clients


Testimonials from BAMF MEDIA


Managing Victor on the Growth Hacking team has been an amazing experience. Very rarely do you get someone who always strives to improve his team and genuinely wants to create great change at BAMF. His technical marketing skills and process-oriented mindset changed the whole game for us.

— Hendry Sukir, Heading of Growth Hacking at BAMF Media


I’m convinced that there’s nothing Victor can’t do, or learn how to do. His wealth of knowledge and organizational skills are a huge part of the reason BAMF is so successful.

He’s a patient & thorough teacher, and played a large role in developing me into the skilled growth hacker I am today.

— Daniel Houze, Growth Hacker at BAMF Media


Working with Victor is one of my favorite parts of being at BAMF. I know I can always rely on Victor to get work done at the highest quality. He’s been a huge asset in restructuring BAMF’s processes internally and with clients to make them more efficient and just overall better.

Melanie Balke, Growth Strategist at BAMF Media

The Remote Lifestyle, Content Manager

Remote • April 2016 – June 2017


The Remote Lifestyle chronicles the experience of living as a digital nomad working remotely and traveling around the world. 

Responsibilities & Milestones:

I managed, created, and marketed content for digital nomad blog on email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.




The Remote Lifestyle helped me to get familiar with the “remote work” concept and how to get started. Victor was always willing to help me out by having Skype meetings, providing me with resources on how to learn web development, and offering advice when starting my online business.

Four months later, I’m working from a cafe in Chiang Mai, Thailand on my online business “The Remote Trip”.

Amy Fransz, Founder of The Remote Trip


From giving me self-development advice, providing me with many resources to start coding for my web development career to helping me go from a beginner level on LinkedIn to an All Star, Victor has helped me get on the right foot and move forward and fast in my web development career.

Successful people want others to succeed and Victor is a perfect example of a successful person because he wanted to see me succeed not only because he is my friend but because he feels the same way towards everyone.

Arri Bagah, Head of Chatbots at BAMF Media

Designation, Frontend Development Instructor

Chicago • August 2015 – August 2016


Designation is the leading immersive digital design program. Over 12 at-home weeks and 12 in-person weeks, designers learn the full stack of design skills—UX, IxD, and UI; research, practice, and presentation—then put those skills to work for real-world clients and portfolio creation.

Responsibilities & Milestones:

  • Served as a web development instructor for the most prominent UI/UX design bootcamp in the United States

  • Instructed 50+ students on the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, while serve as their career mentor

  • Acted as a judge and panelist for student showcases




Victor was a dedicated and knowledgeable instructor who was kind and patient with students, and who was always responsive and professional with all of his interactions with staff and students. I couldn't be more pleased by his level of communication and follow-through when it came to coordinating on content and instruction.

Won You, Chief Product Officer at Designation



Victor was my instructor in Designation for HTML and CSS in 2016. He is really nice and the work experience that he shared with me really are so useful and realistic. His lectures were straight forward and ease to follow. He helped us go through the details of HTML and especially CSS well in a limited time. My understanding of CSS and HTML improved so much with his generous help after his lecture time.

Anne Yan Liu, Student at Designation

Accenture Interactive, Frontend Developer

Chicago • April 2015 – April 2016


Accenture Interactive offers a full suite of contemporary marketing software and services to help the world’s leading brands drive marketing performance by simultaneously increasing brand equity, operating efficiencies and ROI. 

Responsibilities & Milestones:

  • Worked as a consultant to develop enterprise websites for publicly traded e-commerce companies using Hybris (HTML, CSS, JS, Jade, gulp.js)

  • Served as the Social Chair for the 30-person Frontend Development Team, organizing monthly team social events

UEvents, Product Manager

Chicago • April 2014 – March 2015


UEvents is a nationwide network of college events. Our platform aggregates college event information from a variety of social media and event-listing websites, and we funnel that content directly to our student users, allowing them to find relevant event information in one location.

Responsibilities & Milestones:

  • Managed 4-person student team; designed and launched web & mobile app for students to find all campus events

  • Generated 2000+ downloads in 3 months (30% of UChicago student body) with no advertising spend

Press & Awards:





I was responsible for designing the website and mobile app (Android and iOS) for UEvents. 


Product Screenshots

I managed a web and mobile developer to build out our web and mobile application. I was responsible for building out the frontend of our application.


Testimonials From Users



UEvents was perfect for planning the week or spontaneously finding things to do in my free time. It helped me find great speakers who I would have normally missed out on.

Elizabeth Frank, Class of ’16, The University of Chicago

Sokowatch, Product Manager

Chicago • October 2012 – April 2014


Sokowatch is a data-driven distribution service for emerging markets. With a variety of multinational consumer goods companies as customers such as Wrigley, SC Johnson, and Procter & Gamble, Sokowatch is focused on helping these companies sell more products through its distribution network of tech-enabled hawkers. 

Responsibilities & Milestones:

  • Prototyped and launched web app that integrated Twilio with SMS messaging, allowing health clinics in remote areas of Honduras to track medical inventory using basic feature phones without internet access

  • Created business plan, investor decks; earned $25,000 in prize money while still a student at University of Chicago

Press & Awards:






Victor has been a critical component to our success, with a dedication and ethic to performing any task to the best of his abilities. He's sure to be a tremendous asset to any team he's a part of down the road.

Daniel Yu, CEO at Sokowatch

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